MIDI Velocity Curve generator for Logic Pro X's Scripter

This tool can generate custom MIDI velocity curves for Logic Pro X’s Scripter MIDI effect plugin. Drag points to adjust the velocity curve. Double-click to add or remove points.

0 IN 127

Generated code

Paste the JavaScript code below into Scripter’s Code Editor.


If you are not already familiar with MIDI velocity curves, this great Sound On Sound answer is worth a read. Basically, not all keyboards are created the same way; some keyboard models have a lighter or heavier velocity mapping. For example, the maximum velocity on my Yamaha keyboard is about 110. This means I cannot produce any velocities above 110. This has caused problems for me, especially with some sampled piano libraries, as their sample velocities are usually mapped fairly linearly from 0 to 127, meaning I could never trigger any higher velocity samples.

Luckily, Logic Pro X has a great Scripter MIDI FX plugin that lets you use JavaScript to manipulate incoming MIDI data. Create your custom velocity curve and copy the generated code into Scripter's Script Editor. You can save your velocity curve as a Scripter preset for easy loading.

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